Teaching and learning

I’m here as an English teacher, but I have so much to learn. About how to teach in this context; and about how to survive this far out of my comfort zone. 

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Resilience and Perseverance

So if you think I’m persevering and showing my most resilient self whilst being here, imagine having lived in the Desert for 41 years, waiting to be able to return to your homeland. Every day here, I am reminded afresh of the perseverance and resilience of these incredibly warm and wonderful people. And every day I want to work harder to help the Saharawis achieve their dream of heading home.

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Finding my face

People, ever feel like you’re not quite certain which face is your face these days? Ever think: just this little bit of make-up or enhancement of some description (read: filter) and I feel like I look normal? I’ve definitely got to the stage where I don’t really recognise, or like, my face, without that base layer on. Without my war paint. Without.

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Body confidence

Three years ago, I couldn’t run. Following one hour and 46 minutes of continuous exercise in Windsor yesterday, I can call myself a triathlete. The process of learning to run and love exercise and to simultaneously love my body has been a long and a fluctuating one. I thought I’d share some thoughts on that process to support anyone else struggling with either or both sides of body confidence.

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For the uncertain voter…

*note: my first attempt at a political┬ápost, so be gentle in your responses and critiques. I’m learning.*

I think I might know a few people who aren’t sure how to vote in the EU Referendum. And who might choose not to vote as a result. So, this has compelled me to write a few things down, just in case I can be of any use to the people who felt they should never have been tasked with such a difficult and technical decision and all the people who feel confused by the way the debate has played out. I’ll keep it short and sweet and to five key points because there are already some much better and more informed contributions you can read all over the internet. Continue reading For the uncertain voter…